Spring Update

Hello and welcome to our Spring update. Traditionally, this would be an end-of-season update as domestic league seasons come to an end, but increasingly, Cardiff & Met is able to provide hockey opportunities throughout the year. Before looking ahead at what is to come over the summer months, let’s briefly reflect on how positive the 2021-2022 season has been.

This season we entered 9 senior teams into South Wales, West and English National Hockey Leagues, 6 Cardiff Met teams into BUCS Leagues, and 9 Junior teams participated in South Wales Youth Hockey. These teams enabled our 400+ combined members to play regular competitive hockey. In doing so, we were successful in securing FIVE PROMOTIONS! Congratulations to:

  • C&M M2 – Promoted to England Hockey League, West Conference
  • C&M L1 – Promoted to West Hockey League, Premier League
  • C&M L3 – Promoted to South Wales Women’s Hockey, Premier 1 League
  • C&M L4 – Promoted to South Wales Women’s Hockey, Division 3
  • BUCS L2 – Promoted to Western 1A

Our junior teams were also stronger in numbers and playing experience this year, and got to compete in various fixtures and tournaments, including the Welsh Plate and Cup competitions.

Cardiff & Met HC would not run as smoothly and successfully as it has done so this season without its fine army of supporters, committee members, coaches, captains, umpires, fixtures secretaries, parents, players, and friends (plus many more). It is at this point we can see some tangible outcomes from our collective effort and commitment to organise, deliver and develop a thriving hockey club. So, thank you to everyone who has done their bit, demonstrating the values of Cardiff & Met HC so profoundly. To foster the excellent work that is going on across the environment, the Hockey Advisory Council, which includes representatives of the Men’s, Ladies’, Juniors’ and Student sections as well as Hockey Wales, have formed a Terms of Reference that are now being shared at committee level for comment and possibly for information at summer AGMs.

Looking into the future, our M1s will be heading to Geneva in June to represent Wales in the Eurohockey Club Trophy II. We will also follow selected club members with interest over the summer, most notably those who will be representing Wales at the Commonwealth Games, European Qualifiers, Eurohockey Junior Championships, and Wales Men’s and Ladies’ Masters Tournaments! Ensure you read on to discover how can follow their progress.

Returning closer to home, there are plenty of opportunities to continue playing hockey if you are inspired by the international action. We are running Junior Hockey sessions throughout April and May, as well as open sessions for all members on Thursday evenings at Cyncoed throughout May, and then our much-loved summer 7-a-side games are open to all throughout June and July. No doubt there will also be various other hockey and non-hockey related activities for you to get involved with, so make sure you keep your eyes on our social media channels for updates.

Amongst all the excitement, April provides a moment to take stock, and have a break from the weekly hockey ritual that we know and love. April also provides time to plan, and then look forward to the many, varied opportunities to support, watch and play hockey over the summer months. We’ll be with you all the way.

Yours in C&MHC,

Mark Shelton – Men’s Chair
Rebecca Chidley – Ladies Chair

M1 pictured with some of our Junior members, who adopted ball patrol duties, when we welcomed Loughborough to the National Hockey Centre.
L1 promoted to the West of England Premier League
L3 promoted to the South Wales Premier League
L4 promoted to South Wales Division 3

Umpiring at the 2022 Super 6s Indoor Finals

“Put a roof over me and I’ll umpire every day of the week!”

Abby MacArthur

Move into a shed and slightly change the rules and you’ve got yourself, in my humble opinion, the BEST version of our favourite game. Indoor hockey is fast, exceptionally skilful and really exciting – as a player, official or a spectator.

January was non-stop, and I piled a whole lot of mileage on to my little car! A weekend at Whitgift School, Croydon for Round 1 – the likes of Wimbledon, Holcombe, Sutton and Leicester all competing. Round 2 was a trip to Repton to wheedle out the top 4 teams who would get to battle it out in the finals at the Copper Box Arena, London. The hockey on display was outstanding – East Grinstead, Repton, Buckingham, and Slough took the coveted top 4 spots and a trip to Stratford. Our umpiring team was a veritable cornucopia of talent – including 2 Commonwealth umpires, Junior and Senior World Cup umpires and Umpire Managers with a wealth of experience to share and support. I was in awe and revelled in the intensity of this amazing version of the game – I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time. I didn’t want this indoor season to end!

And, amazingly, it didn’t…

Only 2 years after passing my candidacy for the English Indoor National Panel – and with a pandemic-enforced 2 year hiatus – I was given the incredible news that I had been appointed as one of the 5 umpires to be part of the finals at the Copper Box Arena. Granted, I was to be the reserve umpire but to me, that meant I had the BEST seat in the house. I got to watch and learn from the best, soak up the extraordinary atmosphere and give myself a target for next year. I will do everything in my power to ensure I am actually umpiring at the finals in 2023! Repton took the title this year – beating reigning champions, Buckingham – meaning they’ll represent England in Europe for the 2023 club tournament. Who knows, I may even be there to see them compete once again!

International Representation and Events

New members of the Welsh Men’s squad

We are thrilled to congratulate Rhys Payne and Jack Pritchard on receiving their 1st International cap for Wales in front of friends and family vs Malaysia on Saturday 9th October.

Rhys has been a member of Cardiff since his first hockey playing days, and representing Wales has been his greatest ambition. Rhys has progressed through the club teams and is currently studying Sport Coaching at Cardiff Met, playing for the archers in the BUCS National League.

Jack joined Cardiff in September 2011 playing regularly for Cardiff Met 1st, Cardiff & Met 1st and Indoor for Wales U21. Jack has become a potent goal scoring forward for Cardiff through the past decade and his maiden appearance for Wales is hard-earned and thoroughly deserved.

We wish you the very best of luck and every success in the International Jersey and have no doubt you will continue to represent Wales and Cardiff with pride and passion.

In addition, Luke Hawker received his 100th Cap v Malaysia on Tuesday 12th October at Reading Hockey Club. 

COVID Update: Hockey in January

In December 2020 the Welsh Government published the updated Coronavirus Control Plan: Alert Levels in Wales. In response to this, Hockey Wales has reviewed all Covid-19 guidance and aligned it with the national alert level framework accordingly.

Hockey Wales will continue to provide updates based on Government guidance – please see below the current level and the implications this has for hockey in Wales.

For now, in-line with Hockey Wales guidance at Welsh Government alert level four (available here: https://www.hockeywales.org.uk/covid-19), organised outdoor and indoor hockey activities are not permitted. As soon as this guidance changes, updates will be communicated to our members via the usual channels.

COVID Update: Hockey in December

As Christmas approaches, many members are carefully considering their engagement in Hockey related activity due to the implications a 14-day self-isolation period would have upon Christmas plans.

Hockey Wales recent update suggested “a shift in advice from Track and Trace as they are now stating that if someone tests positive, all players that have been involved in that game might be instructed to self-isolate depending on how much contact they have had with that player. We are advising COVID Officers, and in-turn, their clubs to follow track and trace instructions should they be informed of a positive case.”

We are aware that some teams in Wales have been advised to isolate as a result of a confirmed case. However, all prior interaction between C&MHC COVID officers and track and trace, including that in recent weeks, have not warranted the requirement for all individuals involved in games and training to self-isolate.  This is primarily due to the information considered in the extensive risk assessment, risk mitigations and operational plans, reviewed, approved and monitored by the club and the University Health and Safety committee.

While this provides information related to past cases, it does not guarantee this approach for future interactions. Therefore, we continue to encourage members to opt-in or opt-out depending on their own personal position.

Please find below the guidance from Track and Trace stating who will classify as a contact:
If someone is a positive case, they are being asked to isolate for 10 days. If someone is identified as a contact of a positive case, they are being asked to isolate for 14 days. In cases involving sports teams, the case is asked to provide the details of the covid-19 officer who is able to share track and trace information when contacted.

It is important to note that a contact is someone who:
– you have had face to face contact with at a distance of less than 1 metre, had skin-to-skin physical contact with, or that you have coughed on, or had other forms of contact within 1 metre for 1 minute or longer
– you have spent more than 15 minutes within two metres of
– you have travelled in a car or other small vehicle with, or someone that has been in close proximity to you on public transport
**Time frames are cumulative.

The club will continue to facilitate Hockey activity where possible for those who wish to opt-in and respect the decision without prejudice for those who opt-out.  

November: PHASE 3C Update

Hockey Wales recently released and subsequently updated their post fire-break guidance as PHASE 3C.

PHASE 3C includes the following modifications to prior guidance:

  • Option to include 2 x 30 person isolated training groups on the same facility providing facility providers agree
  • Organisers such as coaches, officials, managers and physios remain included in the group of 30
  • Opportunity to play friendly games v local opposition (including two teams of 14 players + 1 Coach/Official)

Since the release, we have been working to progress the hockey environment in line with the most recent guidance while adopting following aims:


  • Provide players with an opportunity to attend Club (& BUCS) training
  • Provide players with an opportunity to access Club (& BUCS) games
  • Provide an opportunity for safe progression and regression through the training and playing environments.
  • Mitigate risk as far as it is possible while enabling members to experience Club (& BUCS) Hockey as close to the ‘traditional’ club environment as is reasonably safe.
  • To maintain our ability to track and trace all possible contacts between members of the environment.
  • Move from a ‘completely isolated training group of 30’ to a  ‘isolated groups of no more than 30 on the pitch at any one time’

The evidence suggests:

Outdoor transmission is low risk and does not present significant risk to individuals.

  • Anecdotal example: Liaison with track and trace through confirmation of local positive cases.

Accurate and sustained adherence to track & trace and mitigation protocols throughout coaching staff, COVID wardens and training groups.

Measures to be adopted:

Therefore, the club, inclusive of BUCS and Senior environments (not including Junior Academy), will adopt the following measures to meet the aforementioned aims and progress in line with Welsh Government and Hockey Wales guidance.

  • Each isolated training group should consist of a maximum of 30 players
  • An entire match squad (e.g. for weekend friendlies) must consist of players from the same training group of 30
  • Players can be part of one Club training group and / or part of one BUCS training group. (e.g. a player may be part of BUCS 3s and Club 2s, or Club 3s and club 4, or solely part of either of those groups)

  • Player bubbles – each player will be subject to possible contact with a maximum of 30 people (one training group) or 60 people (two training groups) in a risk assessed and controlled training environment.
  • Players will contact 15 external (16 for EHL) players per game. Games will be conducted in line with NGB Guidance, Cardiff & Met HC Operational Plan and Facility Risk Assessments.
  • At no point in training or matches should one individual come in close contact with another individual for a prolonged period of time (e.g. less than two meters for 15 minutes)

  • It is acknowledged that some training environments may combine two teams, but that player group and therefore match day teams should not exceed a total of 30 players participating at any one time.
  • Where player movement is considered from one training / playing group to another (e.g. in an instance of progression from 4th to 3rd team), the approach adopted should ensure participation in the new training environment for a sustained period of time (e.g. one month or more) to reduce the risk to other players.


  • Students – Until now students have been a part of a student only training group (with the exception of BUCS L1) and have therefore only purchased BUCS membership. Students are now required to purchase club membership (student = £65) if they wish to access club hockey training environments and games.
  • Junior & Senior – For all junior and senior members who are yet to purchase membership, it is now required for you to access club training environments and games.

Thank for you for your ongoing patience, organisation, support and proactivity in contributing to a safe and supportive club environment.

Return to Play Update: November 2020

September and October saw the return of all senior men, senior ladies, BUCS and junior sections to the pitch, participating in isolated groups of no more than 30 in keeping with NGB guidelines. It has been a rollercoaster ride, where we progressed to phase 3, regressed to phase 2 in line with the local lockdown, and then returned to phase 3 prior to the fire-break.

During this time, the club managed a large number of achievements, including the commencement of the national league, men’s club training recorded attendance in excess of the previous season, ladies’ senior training groups totalled in excess of 100 members and student training groups totalled 130+. Furthermore, the junior academy recommenced, with a total of 70+ juniors attending weekly. The total of 350+ players participating across the environment means that generally, we have seen an increase in people attending hockey sessions to date, which is fantastic news! We acknowledge this is the start of a long and likely turbulent season, and we hope you will share in our patience, remain connected, and contribute to Cardiff & Met HC as we work through circumstances as they arise. The next step is to turn training session attendance into membership, committing to our Club for the 2020-21.

Away from the pitch, we were able to launch the club strategy for 2020-25 and Cardiff’s 10Cs – a set of core values providing an unwavering guide to help Cardiff & Met HC determine the right path to fulfil its vision, purpose and objectives. These are now also available to view on the website. We also launched our re-brand – a revitalised, refreshed and realigned visual presence across our platforms in keeping with the traditions of Roath Hockey Club and Cardiff Athletic Club, while embracing changes to the club in recent years. We continue with this work, seeking to develop the long-lost club handbook for each member that outlines the cornerstones of our club, its governance and our proud history. Further, as the club grows and sections align, we aim to consider whether the existing committee structures are fit for purpose and operating efficiently to deliver our club strategy and operations.

Despite the progress throughout September and October, we enter November with no on-pitch hockey activity, but are hopeful that following the 9th November we can pick up where we left off. As coaches, players and committees we are now more familiar with the challenges we face at an operational and strategic level, and remain committed to ensuring safe participation, value for membership and training fit to prepare you for league games.

We are awaiting Welsh Government and Hockey Wales guidance to allow participation in the West Leagues (Men) when they recommence, as well as information regarding the commencement of the South Wales Women’s League in January. Hockey Wales’ competitions committee have confirmed the intention for competitions as follows:

  • Indoor                        cancelled
  • Championship          knock-out competition planned
  • Trophy                       cancelled
  • Challenge                  cancelled
  • Masters                      to be advised
  • U18s                           knock-out competition planned
  • U15s                           knock-out competition planned
  • U15 Girls Plate         to be advised
  • U13s                           to be advised
  • U11s                           to be advised

While we await updates and life beyond the fire-break, stay in contact with your coaches and keep an eye on social media to ensure you are informed ahead of the recommencement of club activity from the 9th November, NGB permitting. Thank you for your ongoing understanding, contribution and commitment to the club. Stay safe, stay healthy and connected to those around you as we eagerly anticipate the return of Hockey.

Return to play update: October 2020

Key Points

  • Priorities
  • Training Groups
  • Junior Academy
  • Memberships
  • COVID-19 Update


It has been fantastic to see 120+ individuals participating in hockey related activity during the month of September. October is set to provide some further challenges for players, coaches, officials and the club environment as a whole, where we welcome the combination of new and returning members plus a local lockdown. Nevertheless, it is exciting that our membership has an opportunity to grow as we open our arms to new student and non-student members for the 2020 season. In order to meet the challenges presented, the club seeks to make decisions based on the following principles in order of priority.

  1. To ensure all returning and new members are safe whilst participating in club activities
  2. To ensure all members have access to at least one hockey session per week
  3. To ensure you receive value for your membership whilst games are not permitted in Wales by delivering high-quality training environments
  4. To prepare you well for the resumption of friendly and league fixtures when guidance allows

The existing restrictions on hockey, as set by the Welsh Government and Hockey Wales dictate that we must adapt our training model for the near future, ensuring individuals coach, train and play within an isolated group. This is challenging for a club of our nature with multiple interconnected hockey environments, however the coaching team are pleased to confirm a model that aims to suit the large majority of club members, accepting there may some individual cases that need careful discussion. Club & BUCS hockey will adopt the following structure for the near future to meet COVID guidance, promote safety and satisfy the aforementioned aims.

Men’s GroupsTraining
C&M M1Tuesday 20.00, Thursday 19.30, WIS
BUCS M1 (C&M M2)Monday 16.30 – 18.00 , Cyncoed
C&M M3Thursday 18.00 – 19.00, WIS
C&M M4Thursday 18.00 – 19.00, WIS
C&M M5Thursday 18.00 – 19.00, WIS
BUCS M2Wednesday 18.30 – 19.30, Cyncoed
*Note – groupings are flexible & to be confirmed once we have a complete picture from new and returning members.
Ladies GroupsTraining
C&M L1 (incl BUCS 1)Monday 19.45 – 21.00, Cyncoed
C&M L2 (incl BUCS 1/2)Monday 18.15 – 19.30, Cyncoed
C&M L3 (Incl BUCS 2)Thursday, 19.45 – 21.00, Cyncoed
C&M L4 + New members (Incl BUCS 2/3/4)Thursday 18.15 – 19.30, Cyncoed
BUCS Training group 1Wednesday 16.00 – 17.00 Cyncoed
BUCS Training group 2Wednesday 17.15 – 18.15, Cyncoed
*Note – groupings are flexible & to be confirmed once we have a complete picture from new and returning members.

For existing club members, training times and locations will not change dramatically and new club members will be welcomed into the appropriate training environment.  New and returning BUCS ladies members will be required to choose whether they wish to participate in a BUCS or Club training environment, while new and returning BUCS Men’s players will be grouped as BUCS only with the opportunity to move to a club group should they wish. The noted difference reflects current pitch availability and existing Mens & Ladies section structures.  Unfortunately, current COVID guidance does not permit players to become part of more than one isolated training group of 30 players.   

Junior Academy

The Junior Academy are continuing to work towards a return to play for the 20/21 season. Sessions are to begin sessions w.b. 28th of September. A noticeable modification to the Academy will be the change of day from Tuesday to a Friday evening. The change reflects a requirement to accommodate cross-sport participation for the Students of the University. We hope the change is positive as several participants often have other commitments on a Tuesday evening.

Participation in the South Wales Youth Association is still a priority and intentions are to begin fixtures in January, however, this could change due to Government and NGB guidelines.

You can register your interest via the link below.


The above schedule, to commence w.b. Monday 5th October, will take time to organise as we gather information from existing and new members, so please be patient as coaches and committee’s work through the admin associated with managing such a large player group. As details are confirmed, coaches will contact individuals to ensure everyone has the necessary information. In the meantime, we ask that players and officials are proactive in purchasing their membership if they are yet to do so.

Club Members

Club members are to purchase club membership by completing the membership form (available here) and transferring funds to the club account.

  • Club Adult: £130
  • Club Junior: £35

Students (BUCS)

New and returning students who are yet to purchase membership are encouraged to purchase in-line with the training group you are a joining. (i.e Club or BUCS). Those who have already purchased memberships for club and/or BUCS environments, thank you! Further details for student members to be provided in the BUCS welcome meeting to be held w.b. October 5th.

  • Club Student: £65
  • BUCS (New incl playing kit): £90+ SU sport membership
  • BUCS (Returning): £60+ SU sport membership

Junior Academy

Please contact hockeyacademy@cardiffmet.ac.uk or complete the following form to express interest for the Academy.

Expressions of interest: https://forms.gle/Vb6vFzuV8EPtdhuA7

Booking information sent directly to those who have expressed interest.

COVID Update

As Cardiff enters a local lockdown, all Club and BUCS activities are to return to Phase 2, non-contact training. Coaches will operate within guidance ensuring a safe environment adhering to pre training COVID checks, and track and trace protocols. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our COVID Officers or environment specific COVID Wardens if you have any questions, concerns or wish to report a positive case.

Meanwhile, please stay informed and act in a socially responsible way to keep yourself and others safe and healthy, we look forward to seeing more people back on the pitch in the coming month. 

Luke Hawker
Director of Hockey