COVID Update: Hockey in December

As Christmas approaches, many members are carefully considering their engagement in Hockey related activity due to the implications a 14-day self-isolation period would have upon Christmas plans.

Hockey Wales recent update suggested “a shift in advice from Track and Trace as they are now stating that if someone tests positive, all players that have been involved in that game might be instructed to self-isolate depending on how much contact they have had with that player. We are advising COVID Officers, and in-turn, their clubs to follow track and trace instructions should they be informed of a positive case.”

We are aware that some teams in Wales have been advised to isolate as a result of a confirmed case. However, all prior interaction between C&MHC COVID officers and track and trace, including that in recent weeks, have not warranted the requirement for all individuals involved in games and training to self-isolate.  This is primarily due to the information considered in the extensive risk assessment, risk mitigations and operational plans, reviewed, approved and monitored by the club and the University Health and Safety committee.

While this provides information related to past cases, it does not guarantee this approach for future interactions. Therefore, we continue to encourage members to opt-in or opt-out depending on their own personal position.

Please find below the guidance from Track and Trace stating who will classify as a contact:
If someone is a positive case, they are being asked to isolate for 10 days. If someone is identified as a contact of a positive case, they are being asked to isolate for 14 days. In cases involving sports teams, the case is asked to provide the details of the covid-19 officer who is able to share track and trace information when contacted.

It is important to note that a contact is someone who:
– you have had face to face contact with at a distance of less than 1 metre, had skin-to-skin physical contact with, or that you have coughed on, or had other forms of contact within 1 metre for 1 minute or longer
– you have spent more than 15 minutes within two metres of
– you have travelled in a car or other small vehicle with, or someone that has been in close proximity to you on public transport
**Time frames are cumulative.

The club will continue to facilitate Hockey activity where possible for those who wish to opt-in and respect the decision without prejudice for those who opt-out.  

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