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Cardiff & Met News and Events

Masters’ Summer of 2019

Uncategorised Posted on 07/17/2020 10:12 am

With no Masters Hockey this summer we look back at the Masters’ Summer of 2019.

Ladies Masters Club Tournament – 2019

On the 11th and 12th May, the Ladies’ Club Masters team headed to Swansea, starting the day with a tough match against the hosts. Thanks to an early goal, the nerves settled and Cardiff came out on top with a 2-1 win. The next 2 pool games saw Cardiff & Met draw 1-1 with Suenami and win 5-1 against Northop hall, hence topping the table at the end of day 1, to go into the top pool on Sunday.

Day 2 began with the team taking on Howardians. Cardiff took the lead and put in a confident performance against a strong Howards team. An equaliser from Howards saw the game finish in a 1-1 draw. The team finished the weekend with a 1-0 win against Penarth which meant the result of Howards vs Penarth would decide the title winners. With Howards winning 3-0 vs Penarth, Cardiff finished in 2nd place, following another unbeaten Hockey Wales Masters competition.

Ladies Masters 2019

Welsh Masters Ladies’ Home Nations Tournament – 2019

We had a number of Cardiff & Met players representing in the Welsh Ladies’ Masters Over 40s team, in Mid-June. Mel, Northern, Herbie, Suzy and Married travelled to London with the Welsh team to compete in the Home Nations tournament, and put on a strong performance in all of their games.

Wales beat Scotland 3-0 to go top of the table after the first day, which showed that not only were they the most fun team in the competition, they were also a force to be reckoned with!

Saturday saw the team play England, where they narrowly lost 2-1. Wales then played Ireland on the final day, which unfortunately ended in a 3-0 loss. As a result, Wales finished 3rd place, but despite the unlucky scores in the latter matches, a great weekend was had  by all. This performance was also a great improvement for the Welsh team from last year, where they lost to England 8-0!

The team now head on to prepare for their upcoming European championship tournament in July. They will be playing against The Netherlands and Scotland in Rotterdam—good luck to all involved!

Cardiff & Met Representatives
Hockey Wales Masters – Home Nations 2019

Cardiff look back to Eurohockey Club Trophy Title in 2019

Uncategorised Posted on 05/21/2020 10:57 am

At this point next week, Cardiff & Met HC would have travelled to Vienna, Austria, to compete in the Eurohockey Club Trophy I. The opposition of this year’s competition would have included Dinamo Elektrostal (Russia), hosts Post SV and a re-match of last years final with SC Stroitel Brest (Belarus) in Pool A.  

While we do not know what might have been, we will instead look back 12 months, when Cardiff & Met took Gold in Switzerland and eagerly anticipate our next European competition.

On the 7th June 2019, the Men’s 1s began their EuroHockey Club Trophy campaign in Wettingen, Switzerland.

The opening game of the four game tournament, consisting of three pool games and a cross-over, proved a catalyst for the remainder of the tournament. Cardiff took the lead through an Alf Dinnie deflection following some fine work from Captain, Luke Hawker. Despite being pegged back by a fine reverse-stick strike, bringing WAC of Austria level with Cardiff, Jack Pritchard converted a penalty stroke late in the first half, a goal which went on to be the eventual winner despite chances for each side throughout the second half.

Cardiff took on Ukrainian team Vinnitsa on Day 2, a match which proved to be their toughest pool game. This was no surprise to the Cardiff outfit who are familiar with the Ukrainian outfit competing against them many times in prior indoor and outdoor European competitions. A brace from Dinnie and a goal from Hawker, coupled with some fine short corner defensive work, ensured Cardiff moved to the top of the pool, with 2 wins from 2.

The final pool game proved an easier contest, culminating in a 3-0 win against Bohemians of Prague. Goals from Pritchard, Charlie Hunte & Jack Rhodes meant Cardiff secured their place in the final for the following day vs SC Striotel Brest of Belarus.

The final, initially cagey due to a waterlogged pitch resultant from torrential rain, came to life with Cardiff opening the scoring courtesy of a superb Rhodes’ strike which held firm until late in the game. The final quarter saw 6 goals scored in 12 minutes, 2 goals from Pritchard and a last minute winner from Ieuan Davies securing a third Eurohockey Club Trophy Gold for Cardiff & Met HC. Final Score 4-3.

At the award ceremony, Jack Pritchard scooped a joint prize for top goal-scorer with 4 goals (3 pc, 1 fg).

Head Coach Walid Abdo reflects on the campaign – “This, for me, is one of our greatest achievements in Europe. We came into the tournament with a young and, in comparison to prior campaigns, in-experienced squad supplemented by some seasoned pros who are comfortable in tournaments of this nature. I really felt that if we got off to a good start, confidence would grow and we would see some special contributions from the talented youngsters. I was not disappointed and I am proud of the squad’s efforts in challenging circumstances. Four games in four days is not easy. I have no doubt we will benefit from this experience in the future, increasing the depth and strength of the performance squad at Cardiff & Met HC.”  

Juniors @ Cardiff & Met HC: Its about more than Hockey

Uncategorised Posted on 04/21/2020 9:55 am

A parent of two junior members shares feedback on their experience of Junior Hockey at Cardiff & Met, providing a valuable insight into the day-to-day practice of our wonderful coaches.

As the parent of 2 children in the Cardiff & Met Hockey Academy, I would like to take the opportunity to provide some feedback on their experience. My oldest daughter, IW,  is in the Under 11s Academy, whilst her younger sister AW is in the Under 9s.

IW joined the Academy last year in the U9s. She has really loved the experience, and has continued this year with the U11s. She also attends tennis lessons at a local club, playing since she was 6. While she enjoys tennis, the way the club selects individuals to join a high performance squad and attend competitions has rather limited her interest. We have therefore been very impressed by the inclusive way that your hockey coaches have encouraged the children to take part in competitions from the moment they join. There appears to be no selection – all who wish to attend can play. IW has really benefited from this approach as she is competitive and very much enjoys feeling part of a team. Her coach is fantastic, and the children love him. I am pleased to see that he now has some help, the young lady assisting seems highly capable and very nice.

Following IW joining the Academy, her younger sister AW asked to attend. AW was 6 at the start of this academic year, yet despite her age we have been worried about her self confidence for some time. She has shown a worrying degree of lack of confidence and very low self-worth. This has affected her academic development and resulted in her receiving additional support from specialist staff at her school. AW had previously taken up tennis but did not enjoy it. She found it difficult and this did not help her self-confidence.  We were therefore concerned that she would also find hockey difficult and again quit.

Despite our concerns, AW has flourished at hockey. She has clearly grown to love the game and despite her small size, compared to some of the older children she has enthusiastically taken part in as many of the tournaments that we can attend. She scored her first goal in a tournament just after Christmas and this resulted in a massive boost in her confidence. She was extremely excited about the upcoming fixtures and has told her teacher and friends all about it. Hockey and being part of the Cardiff & Met team has given her something to be proud of that is unique to her amongst her school friends. In fact, we have seen a huge change in AW since taking up hockey which has also been noted by her teachers. She is now far more confident and shows far fewer signs of the feelings of low self esteem that we have concerns about. Her performance in school has also improved significantly.

Whilst this improvement in AW is no doubt in part due to the inclusiveness of the approach that the Academy takes, I would like to highlight the influence of her main coach. Without understatement, She has been amazing. She clearly understands, loves and respects the kids in the squad. She is always supportive, and never critical. The children clearly appreciate her approach and respond superbly to it. They are equally supportive of each other and there is a lovely atmosphere amongst the children, who are without exception a lovely bunch.

Being one of the youngest children in the group, the coach has looked after AW with particular care and attention. She understood from the start that AW was shy and rather introverted, and went out of her way to look after her. She has always praised AW and never put her under pressure to do something she wasn’t able to. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, and she will always have a hair bobble at hand and make time to do AW’s hair for her (I am the parent that takes AW to hockey and I’m not great at pony tails). The fact that the coach took time to mention AW’s goal in her tweet also did wonders for her confidence. She really understood how important that was to AW, and I suspect she took as much pride in it as I did at the time. AW loves her coach to bits and this relationship has really helped her settle into the team. I believe her continued participation is almost entirely down to the coaches efforts.

I am confident that all coaches in the hockey academy show genuine interest and care for the children. But, given the age and mixed nature of the under 11 classes, I feel the children benefit from being taught by a woman. I believe girls at that age feel more confident with a female coach whilst the boys are able to have a strong, positive sporting female role model.

Please could you pass on thanks and best wishes to the coaching staff. We would just like to make them aware of the huge positive impact they have had on AW, and how grateful we are for this positive influence had on AW, and the care she has shown her.

Click to find out even more about Junior Hockey at Cardiff!

Join our #thirdteam in 2020

Uncategorised Posted on 04/12/2020 5:45 pm

It is highly likely that most of you have seen me prancing around in a yellow shirt on a pitch somewhere – those that haven’t, I’m Abby and I’m an umpiring badger! I confess, I am one of those strange beings that actually enjoys umpiring on a weekly basis; and I’ve made it my mission to try and coax others into the #thirdteam family.

Let’s begin by celebrating the success of our very own men’s fixture secretary – fellow umpiring badger, banging wedding chef and all-round top guy Crispy Phillips–Adams. Crispy’s super hard work has paid off, in the 2018-19 season he was awarded his level 3 NPUA umpiring qualification – meaning he’s hit the dizzy heights of men’s English National League!!

Christian Phillips-Adams umpiring in the English National League

There’s a bit of a stigma attached to umpiring – it’s a lonely job, you just get abuse, its not as fun as playing – and I’m the first to agree with most of that. However, I’ve also had first hand experience of being part of a big officiating family that spans across Europe. I’ve umpired in Turkey, Portugal, France, Belgium and Slovenia – and made friends from Bulgaria, Sweden, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia…the list goes on! I’ve also had the pleasure of being mentored and assessed by some of the best umpire managers, supporting my progress and coaching me to achieve my ‘international umpire’ status. Personally, I’ve achieved far greater things through umpiring than I ever will through playing and, believe me, there’s definitely some fun to be had!!

But look, let’s be realistic – starting out as an umpire can be really scary. That’s why Cardiff & Met and Welsh Hockey Umpiring Association have a plan to mentor and develop new umpires to a level where we are able to provide the officials that our teams and oppositions deserve. You’ll be encouraged and mentored, given access to training games and opportunities to practice, and we strive to recognise potential early to get you on the right path, with the best support. I’ll even pass on a couple of little umpiring secrets that will help you out of sticky situations!

If you’re interested in becoming an umpire and having these opportunities (not to mention, it’s a nice little earner if you’re able to umpire the BUCS games), give me a shout. I usually run a club umpire course at the beginning of each season that is heavily subsidised by Cardiff & Met. All we ask is that you give a little back to the club and help out with your new found skills – pick up your whistle and discover what its like to be part of the third team on the pitch.

Abby MacOramcontact via for #thirdteam information including umpire courses.       

Abby umpiring on behalf of Hockey Wales
Abby with #thirdteam colleagues (& friends) from across Europe

Cardiff & Met Alumni Club

Uncategorised Posted on 04/04/2020 5:22 pm

Calling all past members who wish to keep in touch, here is your warm welcome and invitation to join the all new Cardiff & Met Hockey Alumni Club  We would like to reinvigorate (and rebrand!) the vice-presidents of Cardiff Hockey Club alumni and friends during 2019.  Joining the Cardiff Hockey Alumni Club requires a minimum donation of £50. In return you will get:

· Your name in lights in the match day programmes and the End of Season write up

· Invitation to Cardiff Hockey Club Alumni Club events throughout the season and share stories and network with your old team mates

· An opportunity to purchase a ticket for the “Cardiff Hockey Club Alumni Club” table at the EOS dinner

· A warm and fuzzy feeling that goes with supporting something that is very close to your hearts

We see the Alumni club as a fantastic opportunity to see old friends, make new friends, watch the current progress of the Club and to play a part in the financial security of the club’s future.  Even if you do not wish to donate this year, please do get in touch, forward this email to your old team mates and come along to support Cardiff & Met HC teams.

Please contact to register your interest or if you have any questions.

In March 2019 a selection of the Alumni Club visit Cheltenham Races

Cardiff Team up with 200 Degrees

Uncategorised Posted on 11/27/2019 2:18 pm

Jack Rhodes from M1s is delighted to be sponsored by 200 Degrees Coffee for the 2019/2020 season. The first event of season took place on Friday, organised by Jack and the 200 Degrees team, as a handful of the M1s went down to the store on Queen Street for a round of flat whites and to meet manager Mike, and the Cardiff 200 Degrees team.

This was the first event that aimed to connect 200 Degrees with Cardiff & Met HC who have visions of developing sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship. All members are encouraged to keep an eye out for future events with 200 Degrees and the Cardiff Queen street store.

In the meantime all club members are encouraged to pop in if they are passing for a coffee or bite to eat. When you do so mention you are a member of the club to one of the store team and share your experience on social media, helping our cause and the future relationship between Cardiff & Met HC and 200 Degrees.

Drink Better Coffee

Producing 200 Degrees Coffee is a labour of love. All of our green coffee beans are ethically sourced, with our signature Brazilian Love Affair espresso blend coming 100% from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Our coffee has been perfected through meticulous testing in our roast house and our own coffee shops. We ‘small batch’ roast to order, with every finished roast sampled by our Master Roaster before dispatch.

Visit 200 Degrees

Cardiff & Met @ Sulton of Johor Cup – GB U23

Uncategorised Posted on 11/27/2019 10:23 am

The Sultan of Johor Cup is an invitational tournament in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Two current Cardiff & Met players travelled with the 18-man Great Britain team – Ioan Wall, who was making his first appearance at the tournament, and Callum Mackenzie, making his third appearance. The team entered the tournament looking to retain the title they had claimed the year before.   The week-long tournament consisted of six teams; Great Britain, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and India. 

The first three games of the tournament showed Great Britain to be strong favourites, beating New Zealand 2-0, Japan 2-1 and Australia 1-0, with Wall scoring a PC against Japan. The results meant a draw was needed against the hosts to ensure a place in their third consecutive final. GB struggled, losing 1-0 in a scrappy game, meaning the final game against India was all to play for. The game finished 3-3, with Wall contributing to the score sheet with a PC, therefore both teams would face-off again in the final the following day – a repeat of the final from the previous year.  The atmosphere throughout the tournament was amazing; consistent drumming and chanting made it hard to hear anyone on the pitch. 

The final was played in front of a packed stadium, with no spare seat in sight. The final was end to end, counter attack after counter attack, with India having the better chances throughout. Going into the fourth quarter, all was square at 0-0.  India scored first with nine minutes left to play, but the lead was short lived with GB scoring just a minute after. This made for a tense final few minutes as India battered GB. With 25 seconds left on the clock, Wall fired a notorious slap into the circle. After the ball bounced around, it was finally turned in with 19 seconds left on the clock. The game finished 2-1 Great Britain, meaning they retain the title and become the first team to have won the tournament three times.

Ioan Wall
Callum Mackenzie (right)

Strong U21 Euro Indoor Representation for Cardiff

News Posted on 01/20/2019 10:06 am

& Met present strong representation in Wales U21’s at the European Indoor Championships.

Seven Cardiff & Met players recently represented Wales
U21’s at the 2019 European Indoor Championships in Paredes, Portugal.

Ioan Wall, who captained the Welsh side, was joined by
club-mates Ollie Wheeler, James Palmer, Tom Wood, Fergus Stevens, Will Riley
& Rhys Payne in achieving selection for the tournament, where they faced
strong competition from a number of specialist indoor countries.

Wales started the tournament strongly, racing into a 6-2
lead at half-time in their opening match against Denmark, with 4 goals for Ioan
Wall and one apiece for Will Riley & Tom Wood. However, they were unable to
hold onto the lead, with Denmark coming back strongly in the second half to
snatch a 6-6 draw with a last-minute equaliser. In the evening match, Wales
came up against a strong Czech Republic side and despite some good resistance, they
suffered a 7-0 defeat to the eventual tournament winners.

Wales began Day 2 of the competition with a narrow 2-1
defeat against Sweden. Ollie Wheeler had opened the scoring for the Welsh side,
before Sweden snatched a late victory with a late winner in the final minute. In
the evening match, Wales were unfortunate to suffer another 1-goal defeat, this
time 5-4 to Ukraine after a brace from Wheeler and a first-half strike from
Ioan Wall.

The final day of the tournament began with Wales taking on
Slovakia. An even game with few chances meant that Wales were 3-2 in arrears
going into the final few minutes, but after reverting to a kicking back they
looked to have snatched a draw thanks to a 40th minute equaliser
from Tom Wood. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as Slovakia scored straight from
push back to snatch a 4-3 win.

A 5-2 defeat against the hosts Portugal in the final match
capped off a tough tournament for the Welsh boys.

Some strong performances from the Cardiff & Met players
ensured the campaign was a valuable experience as they return to league action
with the club, whilst aiming to progress up the Welsh hockey performance
ladder. Captain Ioan Wall led the way as Wales’ top goal scorer, finishing the
trip with 5 goals.

Wales & Cardiff GK Rhys Payne reflected on the experience:

“I felt that we progressed well through out the
tournament and we really enjoyed being at the indoor tournament it has different buzz
from outdoor. We could of done a lot better than we did, but hopefully we can use this is a platform with one eye on the U21s outdoor competition in the summer.”

“I have been playing hockey at Cardiff & Met for 5 years, which has helped me
a lot with hockey as I’m playing with top quality players. There is also a really good
feeling throughout the entire club. This is definitely a good thing for young
players with aspirations to play hockey in the National League, in Europe and for Wales in the future.”

“I am really enjoying being in goal at the moment, and keep working hard to find ways to improve, while enjoying training and matches. My top tip for other young goalkeeper’s out there, would be not to put too much pressure on yourself, enjoy the opportunity to play and just do your best.”

Beth Wood also represented Wales U21 ladies in Croatia this past weekend. After her recent hockey Writers Award, there is no doubt that Beth will take great confidence into that tournament.

Congratulations to all who contributed to Cardiff & Met’s representation for Wales on the European Indoor stage. We look forward to following your progress through future Club, European and international competition.

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